Online College Degree in Special Education

Children with special needs require teachers who are well-qualified to cater to their needs. If you aspire to pursue a career involving mentally or physically challenged children and bringing about change in their lives by developing their learning abilities, an online degree in special education can be appropriate.This course will train you mental retardation and learning disabilities, speech and language impairments, emotional disturbances, hearing or visual impairment, and autism of special children. The initial qualification required for developing a career in this field is similar to that of K-12 teachers. But you also need to opt for specialization training in this education.Types of Online Degrees in Special EducationAn online associate degree in this cours has a comprehensive curriculum which will help you to become special education teaching aides, developmental specialists and learning disability specialists. With this degree, you can also work as a teaching assistant using interactive technology and equipment in elementary, middle and high schools.The coursework includes principles of this degree is child growth and development, abnormal psychology and family and community in exceptionality. The minimum qualification for this course is bachelor degree. The coursework includes related areas like creation of curriculum, strategic management of disruptive behavior, usage of technology in the learning experience.Some of the specialization areas in special education are educational psychology, learning and behavior disabilities, legal issues of special education and child growth and development. Training in special therapy is also offered like speech therapy, adaptive PE, occupational therapy, physical therapy, counseling, vocational training, self-help assistance, and special transportation. Others training provided include developing an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) for each student so that you are aware of the expectations and evaluation modalities which suits best for the child with special needs.